Sabtu, 13 Juni 2009

Help Kayan Mentarang NP Please!

National Park Kayan Mentarang Camp in Malinau City Needs Help
Malinau, Saturday Morning, Rainy 13 june 2009.

Yesterday afternoon, Marcus and i went to check out the National Park Kayan Mentarang camp in Malinau. It was located 8 kilometres from the city.

We drove with a Kijang car. The Dayak driver is also owned garden plot closed to the camp. He is Dayak from Lun Dayeh tribe, which is known as progressive in Malinau, East Kalimantan.Driving along the road toward the camp, we could still some of the virgin forest with big trees still standing.

However, we also saw many motorbikes parked on the side of the road belong to Dayak and other ladang farmers being busy with their ladang (farm). Or they are other things in the ladang. That would be in the next report.

After thirty minutes drive we arrived at the camp. It was a magnificent wooden camp. The car stopped in front of the caretaker house. Pak Tresno, his name, had been taking care the camp since all activities stopped. We were not sure were WWF was there or not.We found three wall pamphlet showing the Panda logo.

The building was connected to electricty. And it was built from strong local wood. We heard it costed $ 60.000 to get it built. It is big money in Indonesia, may be the world in this time of crisis.Pity though, even it costed so much, it is now abandoned.

Hi, conservation world, we need help to utilize the camp before it becomes wrecked Kayan Mentarang National Malinau City camp.We decided to go inside the 225 ha pristine forest behind the camp.

My dayak friend, Dan, said his friend told him that his friend worried some people may be encrouching the pristine forest for research and ecotourism.So we walked for 20 minutes inside the forest. We still saw some big tree of Ulin, Meranti, Kapur and many other species. It's so peaceful inside the little pristine forest. He judged that it seemed there is no illegal encrouching. May be up the hill, it could be some encrouching.

Back to the erected building, there were 3 beautiful houses that should be able used for research camp and guarg house. The buildings were built as reported costing Rp 600 million financed by Inhutani 1 in Malinau. Now the camp is under the supervision of Ministry of Forestry through National Park Kayan Mentarang body.

The future of the camp is still being discussed by the NPKM body. And it would be helpul if any International NGO would like to help the national park.

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